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Use These 9 Resistance Band Chest Exercises For A Bigger Chest…


This will allow for an even greater range of motion as your elbows are going to go further behind your body and provide a better stretch for your chest. The only drawback is that you are lowering your body’s weight resistance, unless you elevate your feet too.

Do 8-10 repetitions for 3-4 sets, where one of the sets is a band-free warm-up.

You can use heavier band and a rep range of 4-6 to help with building functional strength in your shoulders, chest and triceps. This will aid you in other exercises as well. Mass building exercises, such as the banded push-up, is perfect for you to go heavier and really overload your muscles.

Make sure that you maintain proper form throughout the entire movement to avoid injury and to properly target the chest.

For the same reason, you would want this resistance band chest exercise to be at the start of your workout. Your energy will be the highest at the start of your workout than at the end. This will allow you to go heavier, overload the chest for more growth.

That’s what I call foreshadowing.

Chest flys are great for building chest muscle mass. They are more of an isolated exercise, when compared to the bench press. But it does an even better job at activating the chest’s main function – arm adduction. Pulling the upper arms forward and toward the center of the body.

It’s one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite chest exercises. That should tell you something.

Arnold states “…it is a great movement for hitting the pecs with maximum intensity to achieve maximum growth”. So if your goal is to get bigger pecs, chest flys need to be a part of your workout program.

As, I previously mentioned. The benefit of using resistance bands for chest flys is continuous stress applied to the chest throughout the entire movement of the exercise. This is because you are fighting the resistance generated from the band rather than the gravity of lifting a dumbbell (which decreases as you approach your chest).

There is also an added benefit of doing this exercise with one arm where you can move the band further than the center of the chest. This helps add additional strain to your inner pecs. 

Setting up this exercise will require some tinkering and testing to make sure that the band is securely attached and so that you are properly targeting the chest muscles.

You will need to find something sturdy to anchor the resistance band by tying it around. Make sure that the anchor is at your chest level. I personally use the door handle.  If your door handle is lower than your chest level, try kneeling down and see whether it is at an appropriate height.

You can also attach the band something like a wall bracket or a sturdy fence post. Whatever you use, make sure that it’s sturdy and can withstand the pressure from the bands. If you have a door anchor this will be a much easier process for you.

And if you don’t I would recommend looking up some. They’re quite handy for resistance band exercises.

resistance band door handle

How to:

  1. Loop your hand through the band and grab its end.
  2. Step away from the anchor point of the resistance band, whilst holding the resistance band. Make sure that your hand and the band’s handle are just passing your back (about 5-7 inches).
  3. Keep your feet firm on the ground and in a staggered stance where one foot is in front of the other.
  4. Keep your chest puffed out, back straight with a slight arch, and knees slightly bent.
  5. With a slight bend in your elbow, exhale and pull the band past the center/middle of your chest. Squeeze your chest once you reach that point.
  6. Inhale and slowly return to your starting position.

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