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Soft Idli Recipe | Soft Idli Batter Recipe in Tamil | Idli Maavu …


In this video we will see how to make soft idli batter recipe (aka kushboo idli ). The secret behind these soft idlis lies in the proportion of ingredients in the idli batter. Sometimes when we make idlis at home they end up flat and dense and not fluffy and soft as they make in hotels. The secret is proper fermentation and the addition of Sago / Javvarisi. This helps in making the idlis fluffy. Also avoid steaming the idlis for too long as it can also cause them to dry out and form a thick layer on the surface.

Friends please do try this ratio at home for making idlis and you will get soft and fluffy idlis and this will rejuvenate everyone’s interest in this breakfast recipe. Also please do share your feedback about this recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking.

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