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Live Foreverish Podcast: Men’s Health Series with Michael A. Smit…


Did you know that June was National Men’s Health Month? If not, that’s okay. We’ve got you covered with important information on men’s health topics in our new podcast series. While these dedicated health months are helpful to build awareness, men should be focused on their health year-round! The series is available for download, or you can listen now on LiveForeverish.com.

In this special Live Foreverish podcast series, you’ll hear from Christopher Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., a nationally recognized Registered Dietitian and sports nutritionist who has worked with professional athletes, including the Cincinnati Bengals and WWE Wrestlers. Featured in this three-part series:

Episode 1: Maintaining Muscle Mass for Longevity
Exercises for increasing muscle and best times to work out

Episode 2: Nutrition for Men: Protein, Minerals and Supplementation
Healthy fats, fruits & vegetables and protein intake (types and how much for men)

Episode 3: Personalize Your Preventative Health Care Regimen with Lab Testing
Hormone testing: testosterone and estrogen balance and thyroid function

About Live Foreverish: Join Dr. Mike and Dr. Crystal as they sit down with some of today’s leading medical, health and wellness experts to discuss a variety of health-related topics. From whole-body health to anti-aging and disease prevention, you’ll get the latest information and helpful advice to help you live your life to the fullest. If you like what you hear, please take a moment to give Live Foreverish a 5-star rating on iTunes!

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