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LIVE Chat with Muscle Building Coach Lee Hayward – bodybuilding, …


Here are the questions and time stamps from our video chat:
04:42 – What’s the best rowing movement for building a freaky thick back?

07:33 – When cutting, should you lower your overall volume because you’re in a caloric deficit and your body wouldn’t have the energy it needs?

15:17 – How do you know when it’s time to wear a weightlifting belt?

18:58 – Can you help me come up with a more strategic workout plan? Size and strength are the goals, yes but I want phenomenal cosmic powers. I want supernatural capabilities and control over time and space.

19:33 – What’s the best training routine while dry fasting (i.e. Ramadan) is it body split, total body or just come back to the gym from a long rest?

24:31 – What are the benefits of box squats versus free squats?

28:48 – Can you do pushups for mass and strength on a daily basis?

31:47 – What’s the fastest way to grow the biceps?

33:23 – What advice would you have for people who are addicted to junk food and soda because I’m one of them?

40:57 – What are your thoughts and advice on eating disorders in people that are in recovery from restricting their calories for too long?

44:11 – Any tips to improve my deadlift? I went from 365 for five reps to 390 for five reps but when I attempt 395, it’s a bit of a challenge.

48:23 – In a bulk, how many lbs. should I look to gain in a week? Also when cutting, how many lbs. should I aim to lose in a week?

50:42 – What do you think about a 60-year-old man who feels 30, who used to bodybuild when he was younger but notice muscle have memory and I get a good pump?

53:45 – How can I get ripped eating anything I want?

54:22 – You said, you hit a new PR using BFR (Blood Flow Restriction Training), did you quit using them?

57:13 – My chest is not even. How can I make it even with dumbbells at home?

01:00:11 – How can I get to 10 chin ups quicker? I’ve taken 4 months so far, I can only manage 3.

01:01:48 – What are your favorite bodybuilding books?

01:06:46 – I need to be able to run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes in about three weeks. I can barely run 1.5 miles in under 20 minutes right now. I’ve been neglecting cardio, any advice?

01:10:24 – What is the safe drug for cutting?

01:11:20 – What do you think about doing curls with a 10 second up and a 10 second down?

01:12:25 – Do box squats damage your ACL? I’ve heard rumors that doing box squats can damage your ACL.

01:13:16 – Which is better, intermittent fasting or 6 small meals throughout the day?

01:17:07 – One of my shoulders hurt when I train. How to avoid it?

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