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How to Use Glutamine to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet…


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Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, but we call it a conditionally essential amino acid because under certain conditions–stress or overload–taxing on the body, say from the stress of exercising or resistance training, your body will need more glutamine. There is probably not more research that’s been done over the last few years than on glutamine specifically because it is a hotly debated topic within the sports industry. Does glutamine really work? Does it really help you make muscle, and if it does, how so? And I would say that with regard to empirical evidence, dealing with the client over the past 15 years, glutamine makes a profound difference in somebody’s ability to recover. But behind that, the science behind how glutamine works is, as far as I am concerned, almost a no brainer. Ninety-five percent of the glutamine in your body is going to be found in your muscle tissue. So, glutamine has the ability to keep your muscle cells anabolic, meaning that is going to help them to synthesis new protein, but it’s also going to retard the degrading process within the muscle cells. Glutamine has been linked to higher levels of human growth hormone level. Glutamine has been studied and researched as far as also helping the body to reduce cortisol levels. After an extremely hot heavy workout and lifting weights your body is usually in a catabolic state, meaning that the very reason why you went to the gym in the first place, your body is actually doing the opposite. You know, your body is actually beginning to hold on to the fat and feed off the other sources for energy, and sometimes, unfortunately, that can even be muscle. Glutamine is going to help reduce those cortisol levels, that stress-related hormone that is an enemy to getting muscular and actually losing fat and it is going to re-regulate that hormone. It never ceases to amaze me how I can see so-called athletic experts talking about how glutamine has absolutely no basis in building muscle when in reality the very nature of how glutamine is stored in your body proves that it does that very thing. It helps protein synthesis. It actually can help your body to degrade stress-related hormones and so on and so forth. With the empirical evidence that I have seen, I think it’s absolutely an indispensable supplement. And for everyone study out there, there are three contracting that very study, based upon how that study was even performed in the first place or who backed the study. So, I think what you need to do is try glutamine but one of the things that I think are key when it comes to glutamine powder is that the same people that say glutamine doesn’t work and is not a muscle builder are the same people that are in the gym doing 15, 20, 30, 35, 40 reps with the same way they did five weeks ago, five years ago. So, in other words, it’s conditionally essential because your body needs to be at a place where you actually did the muscle damage enough to want to cause growth. And in fact glutamine has been seen to show and help cancer patients and HIV patients to actually retain their muscle tissue while they are undergoing chemo therapy and extensive painful treatments. So that in and of itself to me shows you that glutamine has an essential part and place in your muscle building program.