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30-Minute At-Home Workout for Muscle and Strength…


The “I don’t have access to a gym” excuse no longer flies. Building muscle and shredding fat is possible without fancy equipment, and Scott Herman can show you how to make both happen in his new Bodybuilding.com All Access program MetaBurn90.

While most HIIT workouts incessantly emphasize calorie burn to the detriment of pretty much everything else, Herman uses his years of experience as a coach and YouTube fitness authority to build workouts that can help you have it all. Power Workout 1 from MetaBurn90 is a perfect window into what Herman’s new style brings: high-intensity work that still produces muscle and strength.

But if you crave a sweaty burn, don’t fear: the conditioning and ab work you need and want are very much present, with three full AMRAP circuits, one of which is entirely core-focused, and minimal rest time. Each exercise in the first two circuits requires core engagement along with a challenge to your entire body. If you’re over the typical body-part splits and ready to strip off some fat and see what you’re capable of, grab a set of dumbbells and power through this 30-minute routine at home, in the gym—wherever works for you. Just don’t expect it to be easy or comfortable!

Check out our podcast episode with Scott Herman to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey, from his early days on YouTube to the online fitness empire he maintains today.

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